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NO.4 - CHEF JAR 6.4 OZ

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Perfect for Pork, Lamb, or any Wild meat. 

1- SAVORY FLAVOR OF BRAZIL: Nothing tastes better than barbecued pork, but what makes it taste unique is our Brazilian-inspired BBQ pork seasoning that adds that carnival spirit and transforms your cooking forever; Expertly made by hand, our versatile lamb, wild game, and pork rub seasoning blend will add that magical South American touch to turn your creations into a mouthwatering festival of flavors

2- LOVED FAMILY RECIPE: Brazil's beloved seasoning for food is a grilling rub with a unique flavor developed through generations-old family cooking and is now yours to taste and enjoy; This old-fashioned, Mama's style pork seasoning rub will bring a homemade taste when lightly coating your chops, steaks or any meat before smoking or grilling, adding exotic touch, unlike other BBQ seasonings and rubs around

3- ALL-NATURAL & FLAVORSOME: USDA Organic and Non-GMO verified with no added sugar or preservatives, this bursting with exciting flavors yet naturally organic seasoning does not compromise food safety and ingredients purity; A carefully selected blend of fresh aromatic garlic (not powdered!), organic sea salt, organic lemon zest and spices, make our pork spice rub the tastiest new addition to your pantry

4- FOR PORK, LAMB & GAME MEAT: This mouthwatering dry seasoning rub for BBQ has no boundaries so that you can enjoy it with any pork cuts, lamb, and all wild game you might be lucky to grill; Now, light up that BBQ of yours, and let the Brazilian flavors of this pork rib rub and lamb seasoning burst with a new world of flavorsome sensations, like nothing else before

5- QUALITY-MADE IN THE USA: We manufacture all our barbecue seasoning spices in the USA to ensure superior quality products with outstanding customer care; Each of our wild meat seasonings is full of pure yet bold flavors wrapped in sustainable packaging to satisfy all BBQ-loving fans while offering a greener alternative to your pantry staples - ideal grilling supplies for the modern pitmaster.

Key Ingredients:  Sea Salt, Organic Fresh Garlic, Organic Lemon Zest, and Organic Spices

Quantity per jar: 6.4 oz.


  • Original Family Recipe
  • Non-GMO Verified
  • USDA Organic
  • Barbecue-Ready
  • Made in the USA
  • Gourmet
  • Brazilian-inspired cuisine

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