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Brazilian SeaFood Seasoning, Natural Fresh Garlic, Gluten-Free

Transform seafood with our Natural Brazilian Seasoning - a gluten-free blend for authentic Brazilian taste in every sprinkle.


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Unleash Brazilian Culinary Magic in Your Seafood

Discover the vibrant taste of Brazil in every seafood dish with our Natural Brazilian Seasoning. Specially formulated for fish and seafood, this seasoning is your key to unlocking the genuine, intense flavors of Brazil's rich culinary heritage. Just a sprinkle is enough to transform ordinary seafood into a spectacular, flavor-rich experience.

Rich Flavor, Economical Usage

Our seasoning's robust flavor profile means only a small amount is needed. A teaspoon per pound of seafood imparts deep, nuanced taste, ensuring a harmonious flavor experience. This economical usage extends the seasoning's longevity, making it a practical and flavorful addition to your kitchen.

Health-Conscious, Natural Ingredients

We prioritize your health with our gluten-free seasoning, free from preservatives, artificial colors, synthetic agents, or chemical additives. The blend of superior fresh garlic, salt, and selected Brazilian herbs and spices offers a wholesome, natural choice for elevating your seafood dishes.

Shake for Even Flavor and Freshness

For optimal results, shake the seasoning well before each use. This simple step ensures even dispersion of spices and herbs, rejuvenating the seasoning and adding extra zest and fragrance to your fish and seafood meals.

Versatile for Various Cooking Techniques

Our Natural Brazilian Seasoning is versatile across various seafood preparations. Whether grilling, roasting, or sautéing, a light application of this seasoning elevates your dishes to an extraordinary level of flavor, bringing the essence of Brazilian cuisine right to your table.

Size: 4 OZ (113g)

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