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Brazilian Gourmet Seasoning Set of 2, for Beef & Poultry Meat

Elevate meat and poultry with PERFEITO's Brazilian Gourmet Seasoning Set, offering fresh garlic-infused, gluten-free flavors.


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Immerse yourself in the vibrant flavors of Brazil with the PERFEITO Brazilian Gourmet Seasoning Set, featuring two distinct blends - PERFEITO NO.1 and NO.2. Each blend is specially formulated to bring the authentic taste of Brazilian cuisine to your meat and poultry dishes.

  • PERFEITO NO.1 & NO.2: A Duo of Rich Flavor: These two unique blends are centered around the robust taste of fresh garlic, a staple in Brazilian cooking. A small amount of either seasoning transforms beef, chicken, or any meat into an extraordinary, flavor-packed meal.

  • Concentrated Flavor, Economical Usage: Both seasonings are intensely flavorful, requiring only a teaspoon per pound of meat to impart a deep, well-rounded taste. This sparing use ensures a perfect balance of flavors and makes each seasoning a durable, cost-effective choice for your culinary repertoire.

  • Health-Conscious and Pure: Prioritizing your well-being, both PERFEITO NO.1 and NO.2 are gluten-free and crafted without preservatives, artificial colors, synthetic caking agents, or chemical additives. Their primary ingredient, high-quality fresh garlic, is carefully blended with a touch of salt and a selection of Brazilian herbs and spices, creating a health-friendly seasoning for your dishes.

  • Shake for Optimal Freshness: Before each use, it's recommended to shake the seasoning well. This practice evenly mixes the spices and herbs, ensuring consistent flavor and freshness in every application, while also enhancing the aroma of your meals.

  • Versatility Across Cooking Methods: The Brazilian Gourmet Seasoning Set is designed to complement a wide range of cooking techniques. Whether you're grilling, roasting, or sautéing, a light sprinkle of PERFEITO NO.1 or NO.2 will elevate your meat and poultry dishes, introducing an elevated level of flavor.

Experience the essence of Brazil in every bite with the PERFEITO Brazilian Gourmet Seasoning Set, a must-have for any kitchen seeking to explore the rich, authentic flavors of Brazilian cuisine.

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